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For all you Mac using deviants out there. Today at the annual Macworld Expo Apple unveiled the new iMac. Throw away any picture you have in your head about what an iMac looks like and check out this new awesome design.

The new iMac is designed around a stunning 15-inch LCD flat screen that’s brighter, sharper and easier on the eyes than old-fashioned CRT displays. And instead of requiring your neck, shoulders and back to do the adjusting, the new iMac’s display literally glides through the air — allowing you to effortlessly adjust its height or angle with a touch of your finger.

Inside its ultra-compact 10.6-inch base lives the fastest iMac ever, with a Pentium-crushing 800MHz PowerPC G4 processor that blazes through Mac OS X applications. And our revolutionary SuperDrive that lets you burn your own DVDs in addition to custom CDs. It’s clear that the new iMac is several leaps ahead of any other computer out there, just like its predecessor.
You have to check out the omnera dev-pack. It's very cool.…
Hey there,

Summer is going along well.  I moved into my new house and we are just trying to get settled.  Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been around the forums lately. Well, that is pretty much because

1. I've been really busy


2. I am SO sick of how slow this site is. I guess it's my own personal pathetic deviant art strike. I don't want to up and leave like the others do but, I am starting to get really frustrated.

I still check back in from time to time so if you want to drop me a line I'd love to hear from you!
ok so what's goin on now?  let's see.  

summer is awesome. it never lasts long enough though.  especialy here in minnesota.  but, i'm trying to enjoy every minute of it.  i'm going to some summer concerts that i am really excited about.  namely warped tour 2001 and goldfinger, reel big fish, and zebrahead.

i'm really into collecting these simpsons action figures now.  i don't know how it started but i'm in really deep now.  i've never really been much of a toy collector. in fact i'm usually the kind of guy that makes fun of those people.

i'm sick of writing
Kick ass...

I finally got my web cam working.
What am I doing right now?

Picking my nose?

Surfin' mindlessly around deviant art?


Actual Work?

Let me know what you catch me doing by commenting below.
Kick ass...

I finally got my web cam working ---->

What am I doing right now?

Pickin my nose?

Surfin' mindlessly around deviant art?


Actual Work?

Let me know what you catch me doing by commenting below.

I thought I would finally give this journal thing a try.  I don't know how well this going to go though...seeing as I have nothing to say.

Well, lets see...It's been raining for five fuckin' days in minneapolis and it's starting to get on my nerves. Everybody is in the worst mood because of it.

What else...Oh I just bought tickets for some summer concerts that I am really excited about. Namely Warped Tour 2001 with Pennywise, Rancid, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, 311, and (yuk)Blink 182. I've been going to warped tour for like six years now and it is still the highlight of my summer.  Oh the other show is a good one too...Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Zebrahead, and Homegrown...that show is gonna rock ass!

Next Saturday me and the wife are going to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Orpheum...that should be a blast...I can't wait.  I have been the biggest Seinfeld fan for the longest time.

So there it is my first journal entry ever...I guess it wasn't so bad.  I will try to do these more often now.